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Welcome to eFileBuddy!

Welcome to eFileBuddy

Welcome to eFileBuddy the 1099-NEC filing platform created for Accountants who file 1099s for multiple clients.

I am excited to share this platform launch with you. eFileBuddy was born of frustrations I had with the 1099-NEC filing process.

My own accounting business filed three to four hundred 1099-NECs per year for approximately forty to fifty clients.

The process went something like this:

1. Send clients a reminder email with an attached worksheet for filling out their 1099 filing information.

2. Send another reminder email.

3. Get told, I paid Jill, Johnny and Jim five grand each. You have their info from prior years.

4. Lookup prior years, and realize I have Jill and Jim’s info, but never filed a 1099 for Johnny.

5. Inform the client I never filed a 1099 for Johnny, and also remind them the contractor info can change.

6. Get a text with some of the info or hand scrawled stuff dropped in the office.

7. After filing all the 1099s and giving them to the clients and contractors, I get random ongoing client requests to resend 1099s I already gave them. Get requests for amendments. Etc. etc. etc.

Much of this process happened right at the start of tax season, when I was inundated with a million other issues.

I felt that in the 21st century there had to be a better way, but I couldn’t find solutions on the market.

So I built eFileBuddy to finally “fix 1099-NEC filing”

With eFileBuddy everything is automated. Your clients have their own portal in which they enter the 1099-NEC info and request “Accountant filing” with a click. All you have to do now is simply review the 1099-NEC and hit “file”.

Clients can easily retrieve previously filed 1099-NECs from their portal at any time and resend them to their contractors with a simple click of a button.

I am new to the startup world, and I am here to learn, so if you ever have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out. I value anyone who takes the time to provide their insights, as your input can make a difference.

I can’t wait to help your business succeed!
-Aladdin Connolly
-Founder eFileBuddy Inc

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